Bermuda for a Minute


Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy
St Monica's Road | Hamilton, Bermuda

Forget best fish sandwich in Bermuda, it is one of the best fish sandwiches I have ever had! As usual I had been doing a lot of research regarding where to eat in Bermuda. It was one of my more challenging searches, it seems true local food is hard to find. I was surprised to find out that restaurants often were not using fresh fish. When we mentioned Art Mel’s at our hotel or to the cab driver they all said we would never be able to finish one. Well I proved them wrong of course, and I think I could have at least gone for another half! I was a bit leery about the raisin bread but I was so wrong! The bread was chewy and flavorful. The fried fish was not bland at all; the batter the fish is fried in is perfect! The tartar sauce and slaw add a bit of crunch to the experience.

There is nowhere to sit it is a take out place. We hopped back in our cab and drove back down to the main street. So grab a ginger beer and take down that fish sandwich while watching the sunset over the harbor!

Barracuda Grill
Burnaby St, Bermuda

We were looking for a place to try the fish chowder that Bermuda seems to be known for. Of course every restaurant has their own version that they claim is “the best.” It was hard to decide which place to go but once I saw that the Barracuda Grill had a recipe that was featured in Bon Appétit I decided that was a sign! The fish soup is seasoned with black rum and “Sherry Pepper Sauce.” They top the soup tableside with the sherry sauce, which gives it a special kick. The server informed me that they make the soup days in advance and let it simmer for the flavors to develop.

For dinner, I was thinking of having the Gnocchi and Lobster dish but then I realized it was made with Maine Lobster. I would have loved, if I were eating the lobster in Maine. That just signaled “not fresh” to me. I went with the Beef Tasting and I am so happy I did. Every piece of meat on the plate was cooked perfectly. The short ribs were falling off the bone and the filet was like butter!

Fairmont Hamilton Princess

We had the pleasure of staying at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess. They had recently finished renovations and part of that renovation was adding “Marcus” by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson. The restaurant is a beautiful setting, very open with a wonderful view. This was a perfect choice to start off our vacation with some solid cocktails and fresh oysters by the water. We decided to have some fun and go for the Whole Fried Chicken for two with the trimmings. The sides were the superstars! I have to say I have never been a huge fan of collard greens but these changed my mind. The greens were tender and sweet, my husband and I were fighting over them and the grits! The fried chicken was good, but not the best friend chicken I have ever had. Overall, a lovely was to start to start our stay in Bermuda.