Bon Appetit Magazine Heat's Up NYC

Bon Appetit Heat’s Up New York City

 While everyone was focused on New York Fashion Week, Bon Appetit Magazine was showcasing a different kind of talent. Bon Appetit Magazine celebrated it’s annual “Best New Restaurants” list. After narrowing it down from 50 nominees the “Hot 10” were on hand to give a sampling of why they have made the coveted list.    

There is nothing better than room full of the best restaurants and their chef’s serving up a taste of why they are among one of the 10 best restaurants in America. Along with the amazing bites Santa Margherita Wines were on hand to provide the perfect pairings to accompany the bites. Guests were treated to some great music and a photo booth sponsored by the reservation web site Resy. If only every club night included Onion Petals, Pickled Mussels and Chicken Wings from Lord Stanley in San Francisco.

  The line for Buxton Hall’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich extended the length of the room. The Lamb Barbacoa and Pancita Tacos from South Philly’s Barbacoa were also causing quite the line. Or guests could marvel at the Carbonara coming straight out of the Parmesan wheel from LA’s restaurant Baroo. New York City’s own Wildair comes in at number 8 on the list. The restaurant represented by serving Beef Tartare with a little gem lettuce salad. Other standout dishes were the raw scallop from the Oberlin from Rhode Island, and the Pork Katsu from N7 in New Orleans.

Grab your copy of the Bon Appetit's Hot 10 issue on newsstands now. Add the best new restaurants to your bucket list and start planning your road trips! Check out the full list below:

  • Staplehouse (Atlanta, G.A.)

  • Bad Saint (Washington, D.C.)

  • Lord Stanley (San Fransisco, C.A.)

  • Morcilla (Pittsburgh, P.A.)

  • Baroo ( Los Angeles, C.A)

  • South Philly Barbacoa (Philadelphia, P.A.)

  • Oberlin (Providence, R.I.)

  • Wildaire (New York City, N.Y.)

  • Buxton Hall Barbeque (Ashville, N.C.)

  • N7 (New Orleans, L.A.)