Cooking Together on Valentine's Day

Photo Credit: Tanialee Gonzalez Photography

Photo Credit: Tanialee Gonzalez Photography

 As Valentine’s Day approaches people are thinking overtime about what to do for the special people in their lives.  They may be scouring the internet for the perfect gift or trying desperately to score coveted reservations. Or worse yet, missing the mark by forgetting the day completely.

I have to admit; I am not a huge Valentine’s Day fan. It seems like a lot of pressure that most likely ends up in some kind of disappointment. It is also so soon after Christmas that I really do not want anything. Nor do I want to think of what to get Brian, again. Plus, I do think that if you treat each other special throughout the year it shouldn’t be a big deal. Brian and I do go out to dinner or to see concerts from time to time. He does come home with flowers every now and then. So, Valentine’s Day isn’t the only time he shows love. So, that would-be tip number one! Be thoughtful as much as you can throughout the year so V-day doesn’t end up do or die.

Some readers asked me what are meals that are nice to make together. I love that question! Brian cooks for me every Valentine’s Day. That’s right, WE DO NOT GO OUT! The restaurants are overcrowded and sometimes with prefixed menus. It just isn’t worth the trouble. But, I love the idea of cooking together. However, definitely make him clean up ha-ha!

Brian happens to be a pretty good cook, but I know not everyone has the same skill. So how do you get your partner to cook with you without stabbing him with the paring knife? Make sure to give him the right jobs to do. Have it thought out beforehand. Also, choose recipes that play to both of your strengths. Does he love grilling? Do you both enjoy pizza? You can start by food shopping together and picking out a pre-made dessert. Then plan out who will execute which parts of the recipe before you start. Set up stations to cut down on the stress of trying to figure things out while something is searing or boiling. For example, set out all the ingredients that need chopping on a cutting board with the knife. Give them the job of stirring the risotto for 20 minutes if you need them out of your way!

Doing something together can be a better focus than worrying about how to out gift each other. Spending time with each other and slowing down is sometimes the greatest gift of all. Since Brian travels and works late a lot, this is a welcomed change of pace. It wasn’t just one of us doing something for the other but us accomplishing something together. However, he can still clean up!

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