First of Many Travel Posts!


One of the things Brian and I have in common is that we love to travel! Brian naturally travels all the time for his job and has been blessed to see many places. Luckily, he has plenty of hotel points and airplane miles for us to travel and experience new places together. This is something we are truly grateful for! We are also grateful for Mr. Anthony Bourdain, who has amazing food travel shows. His are the only shows Brian and I can agree to watch together besides Modern Family!

Brian is a great travel planner. As a team we have planned some pretty amazing trips. He gets us there, reads maps, and all that technical stuff. I search the chowhound boards and different foodie sights to find out where to eat! Who cares about monuments and museums?! I live to eat therefore I travel to eat!

This past summer we were able to go on another trip to Italy, without MTJ cameras! Which means I stuffed my face even more! Lucky for you I took plenty of pictures haha! But this post would go on forever if I wrote all at once. So I am going to start with our magical time in Sorrento, Italy. We stayed at the best hotel! It had an amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea. I will never forget being able to have my morning coffee on a deck over looking the sea. We stayed at a cute boutique hotel called La Minervetta. My favorite part of this hotel was that it had the most adorable kitchen! I took so many pictures hoping someday to be able to recreate it. It was so colorful and it just made me want to cook everyone breakfast in the morning. Although I am pretty sure that’s not aloud. But having fresh eggs, tomatoes and mozzarella, fresh breads and tarts being baked every morning was probably the stuff heaven is made of!

The first night we had dinner at Inn Bufalito, which was recommended to us by friends. If you haven’t tried buffalo mozzarella, you must! It is definitely different than what you may be used to. In Italy it so much milkier, when you cut into it you could fill a glass with the liquid that comes out. To me it also has a tangier taste to me. With the fresh tomatoes, oh man! I must have made a point to eat that simple dish everyday while I was there! To make things even better I had fresh pasta with shaved buffalo mozzarella on it! I….just….can’t….

Okay these memories are just too much for me. I have to stop here and get something to eat!

Inn Bufalito
Vico I Fuoro, 21  80067
Sorrento, Italy
+39 081 365 6975

La Minervetta
Via Capo, 25  
Sorrento Naples, Italy
+39 081 877 4455