What I Packed for the Beach, Siena Style

siena beachjpg

Packing for trips gets easier each time I do it. Each time I realize where I over packed and where I should have done better. Packing for a beach trip can be daunting. I searched through tons of guides on Pinterest. At this point I have learned what you really need and what you can live without.

Some things you may not think of:

  • LIGHT! Is your hotel near a busy street or boardwalk? Is the house you rented void of black out curtains? I have extra curtains or dark sheets to put up where SIena is sleeping if need be. I know it takes up some packing space but SOOOO worth it. You may want to bring a long a couple of tacks as well to keep them up.

  • Baby Powder! I found this from searching on Pinterest. It actually does work when it comes to getting sand off your toddlers hands.

  • Plastic baggies! I find that packing my beach bag with everything in individual plastic baggies is an organization life saver. It helps keep things clean and less sand in your bag. I have also filled the plastic ziploc bags with ice to keep things cool.

  • A small pop up beach tent comes in pretty handy if you start worrying about your little one getting too much sun. Or if you have one of those magical babies that can nap on the beach. Also if your little one is a snack monster like mine, you will want to have them eat under the protection. To guard them from the seagulls.

  • Extra tshirts or onesies. I would put Siena down for a nap mid day and didn’t want her in a wet bathing suit. I would rinse her off put a tshirt on her and lay her down.

  • Extra crib sheet. Maybe you are not as crazy as me haha! But I didn’t want her sleeping on the same sheet she napped on. Because there was usually sand or chlorine involved. So one was for naps the other for bedtime.

  • A lot of people asked about Siena’s bathing suits or outfits from the trip. I have linked a bunch below for you. A lot of the Janie and Jack outfits are on sale right now, which is amazing!

  • Do you have any toddler travel tips? Comment below and let me know!!!!

Janie and Jack outfit linked above

Janie and Jack outfit linked above