Avocado Toast with a Special Guest


One of the new emerging trends seems to be toast. Not just the slice of bread, but what you put on it. The January issue of Bon Appetit devoted a whole article to all the innovative ways you can top your toast. Feeling inspired I grabbed an Avocado and decided to mash it up and spread the creamy substance onto a thick piece of whole grain toast. I didn’t stop there. Brian had stuffed my stocking with some interesting salts from  Hepp’s Salt Company. One of them being Black Truffle Salt. As I opened the bag the smell was instantly intoxicating. As I sprinkled it on the toast I found myself licking my fingers. Calm down!!!! I know straight up eating salt is SO BAD! But you tell me if you can resist the ethereal scent that is that of Hepp’s Black Truffle Salt.

Get your own here: http://www.heppssalt.com/

Avocado Toast with a Special Guest


  • 1 avocado (give it a squeeze to make sure it’s ripe!)

  • 1/2 tsp black truffle salt


  1. Use a knife to cut a slit around the whole avocado as if to cut it in half. Then I like to twist each half the opposite way to open it up.

  2. Scoop out the avocado flesh and put it into a bowl. Mash it up to your desired consistency. As if you were to make guacamole.

  3. Meanwhile use a whole grain (or favorite) bread and toast it. Then spread a layer of mashed avocado onto it.

  4. Take a teaspoon of the truffle salt and sprinkle it over the avocado toast.