Celebrating National Donut Day with Glaze Artisan Donuts in Wayne


As some of you may already know I am married to a man that is obsessed with donuts. You may have read his blog, The Donut Hunter. If not, today is the perfect day to do so and find the perfect donut in your area! We had the chance to check out the new Glaze Artisan Donut location in Wayne, New Jersey. 

You may have started to see the Italian Rainbow donut circulating around Facebook. Usually there is a picture of this larger than life version of what seems to be in the famous Italian cookie with comments comments professing peoples undying love. The first donut I had the pleasure of stuffing my face with was the coveted Italian Rainbow donut. It had all the flavor of the cookie but ten fold. I love that almond marzipan taste, the sweet jelly, and fudge chocolate exterior. Usually, you are getting a small bite when eating the cookie with this donut are immersed in that taste you know and love.

national-donut-day-glaze-donuts-new-jersey-dish it girl.jpg

Okay, if I haven’t convinced you to run there on that donut alone I am sure there is something else in their never-ending list of unique donut flavors. Everyday the donuts are baked fresh and their are usually about 30 flavors offered any given day. The bakers get their super early to craft the donuts without any high fructose corn syrup and chemicals. The menu is so extensive it literally blows my mind. Yes, they have the Cronut, which by the way was better than I expected, but that is not even the most creative one on the list. How about a Calzonut, or a glazed rye donut? Or maybe you are more of a Ring-ding ling, Matcha Green Tea, or Twix type?

Glaze has aspirations of moving towards local ingredients and partnering with other businesses in the area to create some more inspiring donut treats. The owner and Glaze team are committed to coming up with not only great donuts but coming up with unique events as well as flavors. This store is one to watch and be excited about! Oh, and make sure to pick up some organic coffee while you are at it!

Make sure to check them out on June 3rd for your free doughnut: http://www.glazeartisan.com/#artisan-donut-shop