DishItGirl Kitchen Renovation

     Any home renovation can be overwhelming, especially if you are not a natural DIY expert. I drool over the fixer uppers I see on HGTV and envy anyone who can even paint a wall successfully. I can barely fold a piece of paper in half let alone design a room. After months of house hunting a feeling like we would never find what we wanted we succumbed. We decided to pretend we were Chip and Joanna Gaines and get our own fixer upper.

            I learned pretty quickly that fixer uppers are for people who get excited over pain colors and plumbing fixtures. I however, get overwhelmed and aggravated with every decision I have to make fearing I will my my house look like an amusement park. We have totally torn down the house and we are starting on the ground up. I want to make my home a destination for family and friend gatherings. A place that functional and comfortable for Sunday dinners and other family traditions. My family is always a family of 12 plus for dinner and my dream is to be able to accommodate them.

        Out of all the rooms in the house of course my kitchen is most important. It is my place of work as well as a gathering space. My “DishItGirl Kitchen” is my office space, my flagship store, and my sanctuary. I want to make it perfect, of course as perfect as my budget allows. Trust me, there is a budget! At first, I was drooling over white kitchens with grey islands.

      After pinning those all over my Pinterest board last minute I had an “a-ha” moment. Suddenly, a navy blue island was speaking to me loud and clear with pops of color around the kitchen. My Kate Spade mixed with DishItGirl style was coming to life!

     Right now the house is in the framing stages. It has gone from a pile of rubble to a promising structure. Our kitchen design is in the works and it is small but mighty! I am excited to finally have an island to work on and my dreams of a double oven may be coming true. If you have any design ideas, tips, or appliance recommendations. I will love to hear them! I can’t wait to share the plans when we have them next week!