Kitchen Gadgets: Love It, Leave It, Want It!

Every time I walk into a kitchen store like Williams Sonoma or a HomeGoods store my pulse starts racing and I instantly want to buy every plate, gadget, pot, or pan that I see. I justify all my impulse buys saying it Is for all my blog photography. That is how make myself look and feel less crazy as I build shelving in my new home specifically for different color plates. Here are some things I can’t live without in my kitchen and some things I had to purge!


Kate Spade Home - For Christmas my sister took my love of Kate Spade to another level. She supports my DishItGirl venture to the fullest and she is one of my biggest fans! I can't get enough of polka dots, navy blue gold, and pops of color. Kate Spade's kitchen line is like grown up Alice in Wonderland for me, which I am also obsessed with. I now have plenty of dish towels, ceramic dishes, mixing bowls, pie plates, and plenty of other goodies to start off my new kitchen. I frequently bring the mixing bowls (that match my apron) to my television segments! There is no doubt I will be trying to collect all the pieces I can get my hands on!

Immersion blender - Once my actual blender broke I was in trouble! It forced me to use the immersion blender I had in the back of my cabinet. I ended up using it so much I really didn’t miss my blender anymore!

Dutch Oven - I recently got my first Le Creuset and I love it! Of course before that I had a dutch oven that was not the Le Cruset brand and it worked really well too. I love to braise things and let soups sit in this pot simmering. The clean up is easy too!



Cusinart 14 inch Chefs Skillet - This pan has 14 inches of cooking surface. I use this even when cooking for two. I love to be able to finish off pasta by cooking it in the sauce for a couple of minutes and this pan allows for that. Also when making a chicken dish for a large number of people it allows for more pieces of chicken to simmer in the sauce if need be.

OXO Salad Dressing Shaker - I have brought this to different cooking segments I have done on television and I always get comments on how great it is.



OXO Cherry Pitter - You may think this is something so trivial but IT IS NOT! I use this to pit olives as well. It is just a life-saver, well for me!

Vintage Plates and Pyrex - These are things that are passed down and not always bought in a store. I love my moms Christmas china from Lenox, that is discontinued. She gave me the whole set right down to the teapot. It holds such a special place in my heart I would use it all year round if appropriate! For some reason chicken cutlets taste better coming from my grandmothers old pyrex dishes, the blue and white ones! I look out for them at garage sales and flea markets all the time!

Oh and one more thing…a GARBAGE DISPOSAL…yeah I never want to live without that again!


Garlic chopper - It gets clogged up so easily and it is tough to clean. I would rather just chop it up myself!

Avocado pitter or seeder - I mean I guess its “nice” but I dig the pit out faster than searching for this tool in a drawer. This reminds me of things like banana or apple slicers, it’s just faster to do it on your own!

Pasta pot - I have one of those pasta pots with the drain basket insert. I don’t know why but it never sees the light of day. I most likely end up using my one big pot or a mid-size one to make pasta and I end up grabbing the strainer I have.


            As I build a new home I have been fortunate enough to be able to build a new kitchen. I started DishItGirl out of a small kitchen in a townhome. Which I am still very grateful for, but I am excited to be able to upgrade a bit and get some more space. This means greater recipes for my readers!

            Building a kitchen is exciting and overwhelming. There are a million things I think I NEED but my husband is also keeping track of the budget which means I will still have to put some items in the dream column. Imagine if I could outfit the DishItGirl kitchen in DishItGirl colors? I am not sure if this should count as life goals, but if so I guess that is one of mine. Check out how gorgeous the wall ovens and cooking ranges are in the teal color. Even just being able to customize the knobs with the pop of color makes me dizzy with excitement. Check out the pictures below, what would your dream color be?