London Part 2: Soccer and Dosa


During our quick trip we got a chance to see a football game. Brian is a soccer player (still!) and pretty much watches as much soccer as I will allow. I mean, I am a fan, but I don't need to wake up early Saturday morning to view it. Or listen to it on long car rides.  Or participate in a fantasy league. Going to the game allowed me to have an Anthony Bourdain moment. I saw a long line outside a food truck as we approached the stadium, so I hopped on it! It seems that was the place to be to score a burger before the game. I slathered on some burger sauce and opted for some grilled onions. Burger sauce is something just as regular as ketchup in the UK. It is a creamier tomato sauce with shallots and herbs. I took down that burger like a champion!

After the game we wandered over to the Real Food Market at Kings Crossing. As always the food market had many amazing options. I really wanted to try something I had not before. London is famous for having good Indian food. This is something I have never had! Can you believe it? I have never tried Indian food. I am so glad I was able to use the Horn Ok Please stall for my first experience. Not only was the chef lovely but the food tasted like "sunshine" as I said to Brian. I opted for a Dosa ( moong dhal-lentil pancake) filled with a yummy chutney. It was very bright and complex with pomegranate seeds throughout the mixture!

Real Food Market