London Part 3: Tying it up


Maltby St Market
Ropewalk, London SE1 2HQ, United Kingdom

I have been to many different markets not only in London but, in various places around Europe. Each market has its own personality and characteristics that set it apart. Walking around a market immediately makes me feel like less of a traveler and more part of a community. The Maltby Street Market otherwise known as “Ropewalk” turned out to be one of my favorite markets. It was more than food trucks or farmers market stands. The Ropewalk felt more like an alleyway of pop-up restaurants. The food purveyors worked out of open storage garages. You could see some of the antiques and other materials stored away behind the open-air grills. This added to a more eclectic feel. There were so many interesting flavors being represented which elevated the excitement.

Little Bird Gin

We started the morning off with a spicy Bloody Mary at Little Bird Gin. They have an array of inventive Gin cocktails if you want that “brunchy” feel to your day. Or maybe you just want to experience a solid cocktail on sunny day!

St. Johns Bakery at Maltby Street

I had read a lot about this spot prior to our trip, it was definitely on my radar. Of course, also on my husbands radar since he is the “Donut Hunter.” We started with bakery part and indulged in a rhubarb jelly and salted caramel custard donut. Later on, I could not resist the urge to sit down inside and try out some of their specialties. I tired something called Welsh Rarebit. I LOVED it! It was a creamy spread on top of toast. You were comforted by taste of cheese but surprised by the taste of Worchester sauce. I am anxious to re-create it here at home!