Kennebunkport, Maine

Rococo Artisan Ice Cream

A last minute decision was made to grab ice cream as we passed this treasure by. What caught my eye was “Goat Cheese and Blackberry Chambord” written on a board outside. Some may wrinkle their nose and say “weird.” But, I am telling you it is WONDERFUL! Check out all the amazingly unique flavor combinations on their site. I myself would love to go back and try apple cider and cider donuts, frozen egg nog, sweet and salty olive, rosewater pear….Well you get the picture!

The Clam Shack

We were only in Maine for a couple of hours but we were determined to visit every clam shack along the way! This one was definitely a treat. The fried clams have to be the best I have ever had. Needless to say I had a full belly of whole belly clams!

Portland, Maine

Vena’s Fizz House

We got into Portland early in the morning, before a lot of stores opened up. I passed by Vena’s Fizz House, peeked in, and knew we had to wait for it to open. Not only is there a beautiful selection of antique looking barware and glasses, but some great elixirs to make your next fizzy something special. It helps that there is a Soda Bar with super friendly bartender ready to talk about his love for bitters.

The Lobster Shack at Two Lights

There could not have been a more perfect place to have my highly anticipated, first, Maine lobster roll. Not only did the food not disappoint but the view just topped off the whole experience. As I watched the waves roll in beneath the cliff I took down a lobster roll, fries, cole slaw, and a piece of blueberry pie!