Restaurant Reviews & Travel Introduction


My parents were very brave and always brought us to restaurants. Somehow we sensed it was a privilege and left the couch cushion wrestling moves at home. I felt as if I was let into a top-secret club when my dad occasionally took me on day trips to his favorite “spots.” Places where he had been going since he was little, knowing he was now passing the “secret” on to me. He seemed to be a celebrity in every restaurant or hot dog place we stopped at. He was always shaking hands and laughing with owners, waiters, and waitresses alike. Impressing them with his over-the-top ordering and even more over-the-top consuming. It seemed as though he was providing a service to the restaurant as well, a form of entertainment. He found joy in ordering an extra dish or two when he thought my mom wasn’t looking. These restaurants became just as familiar as my family home. My dad would take business trips and come home with news of the latest and greatest place he stumbled upon. If you mentioned a town, city, or state he seemed to be able to match it with a dining experience. It seems only natural that all I can seem to think about is my next meal. When I decide to travel the first thing I do is search every food blog for the places to eat or a food market to explore, not museums and monuments.

That is what this section of my blog is about. New Jersey is full of great finds from food trucks, to fancy restaurants, and everything in-between. With New York right down the road, we have every opportunity to be immersed in every facet of food culture. In addition to local love, Brian and I are big travelers. Whether it’s a 45-minute plane ride to Boston, or 9 hours to Italy we are always looking for our next adventure. Hopefully some of these reviews and articles will help you in your search for your next food adventure!