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Family Gathering with Easter Egg Coloring

Sometimes the events leading up to a holiday are just as exciting as the actual day. There is so much for little ones to learn about holidays like Easter. The perfect reason to get your family together is not just for brunch. Your toddlers and elders will enjoy coloring Easter eggs together and talking about the meaning of Palm Sunday

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A Year Ago Today, A Letter to Siena

A year ago I sat in the hospital for my third morning. It was quiet, no one was around. I looked at the monitor, it was showing the same situation. I was having what I knew were small contractions, but I didn’t want to tell anyone. I will never forget the quiet, and I will never forget hearing God’s voice so clear. He told me he was going to take you and I would deliver you. However, everything would be okay. I knew it would be okay, I trust God’s promises.

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