Amazing Recipes for Summer Tomatoes

Summer tomatoes are one of my favorite things. I love planting them in the beginning of the summer season and waiting patiently for them to be ready in late August. There are so many different varieties that make the farmers market stands look like the color of a beautiful sunrise. I could eat tomatoes all day everyday, this may be why I am getting so poetic. I love all the different kinds but cherry tomatoes hold a sweet place in my heart. They are so great for quick meal solutions.

Cherry tomatoes make the best bruschetta. They are sweet and bursting with flavor. Saute them in a pan and let the juices release. Then spoon it over chicken for a quick weeknight meal. Or add them to chickpeas and make this cous cous dish. As the fall comes around the corner use plum tomatoes to make a great roasted tomato soup.

Make sure to search tomatoes on the blog for some great ideas on how to to make the most of the summer tomatoes before they are gone! What are some of your favorite tomato recipes?